The PowerBox - a present that Apple Watch users will be thankful for!

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The Mobiletoyz Powerbox for Apple Watch is an ideal gadget for those who want an effective, quick way of charging their Apple device, as well as a great looking, luxurious design. Just press a single button, and your Apple Watch will start charging!


For every Apple Watch user, the Power Box designed by Mobiletoyz promises to combine both the utility and easiness of use of the product with a luxurious and stylish design, all in one little power box!


The power box features a built-in lithium rechargeable battery which has been designed especially for fully charging your Apple Watch within just 5 hours. It is available in Available in Gold, Rose Gold, Space Grey and Silver, all of which are modern colours which feature in most Apple products.


Order here for only £ 49.99:

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