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iPower Case iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus Innovative Slim Line Power Case

MobileToyz iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Power Case has been wonderfully designed to provide your iphone power and protection on the move. The MobileToyz iPower Case is slim line to make it convenient daily use 


The Mobiletoyz iPower Case for iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus. Perfect for Emergency Power everywhere.Stylish Innovative Design the iPower case also protects and powers

Posted by Mobiletoyz on Monday, June 22, 2015



The MobileToyz iPower Case is powered by a 1500 Mah (iphone 6) or 2000 Mah (iphone 6+) battery and will give your phone 60% more juice 

MobileToyz iPower case uses the same iPhone Lighting cable to charge the case and phone making it the most convenient power case on the market.  

Typical Monday evening 8pm and my phone is down to 2% battery life.Now i end up rushing around finding the nearest socket and loiter around till my phone is charged up to get me home. This is a typical situation for most iphone users with the endless emails and apps to drain your battery leaving you without power during the most crucial times. 

At MobileToyz we solve problems technology creates and we have been thinking about this for years. We once invented a solar power case but it only really worked in the Sahara Desert. Many iPhone Power cases are on the market but most feel bulky and look ugly. Whilst playing with prototypes we realised by having a detachable connector the case can be the size of a normal iphone protector case hence the innovative design of the MobileToyz iPower Case. We also played with many different battery cases and as you can expect the bigger battery capacity the heavier / larger the case would be. 

Talking to our customers most people only needed 25% extra battery to take them to end of day but we have been able to provide 60% more power from the iPower Case during times of need and still keep it looking fantastic. 

 Model               Battery       Dimensions                     Weight
iPhone 6 1500 Mah
iPhone 6 Plus 2000 Mah

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