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MobileToyz Cloud Cup

Summer is here and we all know what this means! It’s that time of the year where we get in shape to try and get that perfect summer body. Not there yet? Have no worries! Here at Mobiletoyz we know the importance of staying healthy and fit, so we thought that we would help you keep you hydrated the smart way.


For this purpose, we have created the CloudCup to do just that. The CloudCup is a smart cup that allows you to design a customised water intake plan, monitor your hydration levels, remind you when it’s time to drink and helps you stay healthy. We here at Mobiletoyz love app-powered gadgets which is why we have made the Cloud with its very own app. It's time to have your very own personal fitness partner and become ready for summer!


  • Has a liquid capacity of 420ml
  • Compatible with iOS version 7.1 and Android version 4.3
  • Made from bone china and includes a vacuum insulation
  • 2 LED lights appear at the base of the cup to show you if you have reached your target or not
  • Built with high-precision sensors
  • The app captures scientific quantitative data from your CloudCup