£ 9.99 GBP

MZ Spring-protected MFI Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

We all buy charging cables that break after a short period of time, which then require replacing. We at Mobiletoyz designed a charging cable that is meant to eliminate this issue, by adding a robust spring which turns your cable into a long-lasting charging source.

The MZ Spring-protected MFI Lightning Cable is a smart charging cable suitable for Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. It is an extremely high quality 2.0 USB power/sync cable which allows fast charging and comes with a built-in robust spring protection all along the charging cable. 

It is MFI certified (made for iPhone), which means it uses the official charging chips from Apple, unlike cheaper alternatives which are not MFI certified and can stop working at any time.

The lightning cable features an anodised metal shell and is available in a modern silver colour.

As for length options, we offer the 1 meter option, although a 2 meters one is recommended if you require more charging flexibility.

  • High-quality, MFI officially made for iPad and iPhone
  • Available as 1 and 2 meters long
  • Allows users to avoid breaking their charging cable 
  • Features a robust spring protector all along the cable
  • Modern silver colour