Ready for the summer holidays, with the Mobiletoyz Selfie Pro!

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Mobiletoyz Selfie Pro is a luxury selfie stick made from magnificent metal and Leather-felt material and has a simple yet elegant design.

The soft leather-felt material with delicate handcrafted stitch brings perfect sensation and aesthetics. The leather-felt hand strap and high-quality bag, together with the Bluetooth shutter and its clip, the accessories bring more extravagance and flexibility.


Let’s selfie in any memorable occasions, whether going on holiday or you just love taking selfies every chance you have! No matter what your preferences, the Mobiletoyz Selfie Pro will be your ideal travel buddy, as it is light, aesthetic and luxurious, as well as having a series of features that makes it easily accessible for everyone.


To buy now, go to our official website:


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