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iCushion - the perfect Christmas gift


For all iPad lovers, wrist pain caused by holding the device is an ever-present issue. Why not order an iCushion to solve this problem, and start using your iPad in a stylish and secure way? What is more, it is available in a wide range of colours, so there is an iCushion for everyone, no matter your favourite colour 

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Written by Abbey Q — December 23, 2016

iCushion GREY

We've got the perfect gift idea for the upcoming Christmas holidays!
Check our customer's review of the iCushion - the comfy, safe and extremely stylish and luxurious iCushion!

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Written by Abbey Q — December 23, 2016

CushPad ad

Try the CUSHPAD for a brand new way of using your iPad - the CushPad eliminates wrist, neck and shoulder pain, keeps your favourite device safe and secure and is extremely stylish and comfy.

What is more, its handle makes it perfect for travelling and taking it with you wherever you go, as is the storage space for your bits and bobs! The perfect gift for any iPad user for the upcoming Christmas holidays :)

It is currently available in three colours and can be ordered from:
our official website -
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Written by Abbey Q — November 25, 2016

Happy customer's review of the CushPad!

We at Mobiletoyz are excited to see, time and again, that customers enjoy using our products. One of the biggest problems frequent iPad users face is the so-called "iPad hand" - an umbrella term for the injuries caused by using their device for a long period of time.


Check out our happy customer's review of the CushPad, who enjoys the fact that it is so versatile and portable. You can take the CushPad anywhere you go and use it whether you are at home, in the airport, on the train, at work etc. No matter where you use it, your iPad will be safe at all times, and your wrists, neck and shoulders will be protected from pain. 


All this being said, the CushPad is an amazing gift for every iPad user out there, as they will surely appreciate the pain-free way of surfing the web or watching movies on their tablet. You simply can't go wrong with this comfortable, stylish and extremely secure cushion designed especially for the iPad. It is great for the upcoming holidays, so grab yours from


Available in Black, Blue and red 

Written by Abbey Q — November 18, 2016

The solution for "iPad hand", delivered in time for the Christmas holidays!

Those of you who love spending time watching movies, surfing the web or doing work on the iPad, will probably know the issue of experiencing wrist, neck and shoulder pain due to uncomfortable positioning and angles of using your favourite device.

Experts in body posture have identified several risk factors in using iPads, which have sold in their thousands in Britain since their launch.

Most owners use their left hand to hold the tablet steady, risking painful symptoms such as repetitive strain injury and even carpal tunnel syndrome where fingers seize up. Most also use the extended index finger of their right hand for repetitive and prolonged scrolling, emailing and creating documents, putting themselves at risk of other muscle injuries and pins and needles.

Dr John Pappas, medical director at the Beaumont Centre for Pain Medicine in Michigan, USA, said tablet computers like Apple's iPad are not without their chronic pain risks.

He said: 'Prolonged use of tablet computers can cause different forms of repetitive strain injuries to the fingers and hands. Good posture and frequent, short breaks can help minimize these symptoms.'

But instead of suggesting a less frequent iPad usage, Mobiletoyz has designed the CushPad, which acts as a comfortable, secure and stylish iPad holder which allows you to say "Goodbye!" to all the issues above.

  • Storage compartment for extra versatility
  • Keeps your iPad safe and secure
  • Comes equipped with two cable sockets – for charger and headphones
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Made of luxurious material that makes it perfect to have around the home
  • Ideal for you to use anywhere, anytime
  • Compatible with iPad 2,3,4
Order here for £29.99:

Written by Jessica MobileToyz — November 16, 2016

The ideal gift for busy mums? The answer is... CushPad!

With Christmas holidays just around the corner, Mobiletoyz has found the perfect gift for those who want to surprise their tech-savvy parent with an extremely useful iPad accessory! We've taken customer feedback into consideration and made a series of improvements since launching the iCushion.

With the CushPad, your iPad is more securly fitted due to the iPad-sized window where you can position your device and then zip it securely so that it remains firm.

Secondly, the newly improved CushPad makes it easier for you to charge your iPad and listen to your favourite tracks with the inbuilt cable socket design.

Finally, there is now a built in storage space to make the CushPad more versatile and so that you are able to always take your bits and bobs with you, whenever you are on the go.


Tessa is a very busy mum on who was given the CushPad as a gift by children. She can now lie comfortably on the sofa and start enjoying using her iPad by sliding her device through the zip of the CushPad, thus keeping it safe and secure at all times. One of the things she appreciates most is that she can now work very easily and conveniently, without the need to worry about wrist, neck or shoulder pain that prolonged tablet use can induce. 

"It has changed the way I spend my Sunday afternoons!" - Tessa


Available to order in Black, Blue or Red from

Written by Abbey Q — November 17, 2016

The PowerBox - a present that Apple Watch users will be thankful for!



The Mobiletoyz Powerbox for Apple Watch is an ideal gadget for those who want an effective, quick way of charging their Apple device, as well as a great looking, luxurious design. Just press a single button, and your Apple Watch will start charging!


For every Apple Watch user, the Power Box designed by Mobiletoyz promises to combine both the utility and easiness of use of the product with a luxurious and stylish design, all in one little power box!


The power box features a built-in lithium rechargeable battery which has been designed especially for fully charging your Apple Watch within just 5 hours. It is available in Available in Gold, Rose Gold, Space Grey and Silver, all of which are modern colours which feature in most Apple products.


Order here for only £ 49.99:

Written by Abbey Q — November 16, 2016

The best home accessory gift to get this Christmas!

We at Mobiletoyz know the struggle that customers have when planning to buy a gift for someone. With Christmas holidays now approaching, we've got you covered, so that you can enjoy the holidays and surprise your loved ones with helpful, stylish and comfortable device accessories!

If you own an iPad or any other type of tablet, you will know the struggle of spending long periods of time working on it and getting wrist pain. The iPad is a great invention which has been around for years, but using it for long periods of time can ultimately become painful for wrists, neck and shoulders.

You can now eliminate all of these issues with the iCushion, which is a great gift idea as it is an ideal accessory for every iPad or tablet user. The iCushion will save you wrist and neck pain, act as a stylish cushion for your gadget and can be carried around anywhere! It is designed for the younger generation, as well as the older generation, since the latter has proven to stay up to date with the latest technology and enjoy the newest accessories on the market. So, if you are thinking about ordering gifting your parent or grandparent an iCushion, you're on the way to bringing a lot of comfort and style to the way they have been using their tablet!


To see the full range of colours it is available in, please check:


Written by Jessica MobileToyz — November 15, 2016

iCushion Green

MobileToyz iCushion - the comfy cushion holder for your iPad or other tablet devices. Perfect for use around the home, in bed or at the desk! Helps avoid back and neck pain by creating a perfect viewing angle. Made from luxurious velvet, the iCushion is bound to  add a wow factor to any room. Its unique patent pending design provides comfortable support while reading, watching movies, browsing the web, and using the keyboard.

iWhat do our customers say about the iCushion? 

"I developed a pain on the back of my left hand - it felt muscular and became quite intense - arthritis I wondered? After a few days I became aware that the pain intensified when I held my iPad up for long periods, which I tended to do when reading articles/newspapers etc. I saw the iCushion and thought it was worth a try. It absolutely works! It is literally a soft, comfortable and portable base with holder space for the iPad and it is enabling me to read at the proper height when sitting in an armchair etc. The pain in my hand has disappeared completely. "I'm very pleased with this simple but effective product"


Material: velvet

Dimensions:L 36cm W: 28cm Height 18cm 

Buy the new green iCushion from Amazon:

Written by Deepak Thakrar — July 13, 2016

Established in May 2000 MobileToyz started life selling Nokia data cables which started the worldwide craze of high pitched ringtones.

Back to the present; Smart Phones and Tablets have taken over the world and we at MobileToyz are super excited by all the new toys and gadgets you can use to allow you to do magical things.

For this reason we are back :) Bringing you the best App Powered Gadgets for your Mobile Life.

Hope you enjoy browsing our shop. We love Feedback and suggestions so much we might send you a free gift for getting in touch

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