The solution for "iPad hand", delivered in time for the Christmas holidays!

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Those of you who love spending time watching movies, surfing the web or doing work on the iPad, will probably know the issue of experiencing wrist, neck and shoulder pain due to uncomfortable positioning and angles of using your favourite device.

Experts in body posture have identified several risk factors in using iPads, which have sold in their thousands in Britain since their launch.

Most owners use their left hand to hold the tablet steady, risking painful symptoms such as repetitive strain injury and even carpal tunnel syndrome where fingers seize up. Most also use the extended index finger of their right hand for repetitive and prolonged scrolling, emailing and creating documents, putting themselves at risk of other muscle injuries and pins and needles.

Dr John Pappas, medical director at the Beaumont Centre for Pain Medicine in Michigan, USA, said tablet computers like Apple's iPad are not without their chronic pain risks.

He said: 'Prolonged use of tablet computers can cause different forms of repetitive strain injuries to the fingers and hands. Good posture and frequent, short breaks can help minimize these symptoms.'

But instead of suggesting a less frequent iPad usage, Mobiletoyz has designed the CushPad, which acts as a comfortable, secure and stylish iPad holder which allows you to say "Goodbye!" to all the issues above.

  • Storage compartment for extra versatility
  • Keeps your iPad safe and secure
  • Comes equipped with two cable sockets – for charger and headphones
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Made of luxurious material that makes it perfect to have around the home
  • Ideal for you to use anywhere, anytime
  • Compatible with iPad 2,3,4
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