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With Christmas holidays just around the corner, Mobiletoyz has found the perfect gift for those who want to surprise their tech-savvy parent with an extremely useful iPad accessory! We've taken customer feedback into consideration and made a series of improvements since launching the iCushion.

With the CushPad, your iPad is more securly fitted due to the iPad-sized window where you can position your device and then zip it securely so that it remains firm.

Secondly, the newly improved CushPad makes it easier for you to charge your iPad and listen to your favourite tracks with the inbuilt cable socket design.

Finally, there is now a built in storage space to make the CushPad more versatile and so that you are able to always take your bits and bobs with you, whenever you are on the go.


Tessa is a very busy mum on who was given the CushPad as a gift by children. She can now lie comfortably on the sofa and start enjoying using her iPad by sliding her device through the zip of the CushPad, thus keeping it safe and secure at all times. One of the things she appreciates most is that she can now work very easily and conveniently, without the need to worry about wrist, neck or shoulder pain that prolonged tablet use can induce. 

"It has changed the way I spend my Sunday afternoons!" - Tessa


Available to order in Black, Blue or Red from

Written by Abbey Q — November 17, 2016

Established in May 2000 MobileToyz started life selling Nokia data cables which started the worldwide craze of high pitched ringtones.

Back to the present; Smart Phones and Tablets have taken over the world and we at MobileToyz are super excited by all the new toys and gadgets you can use to allow you to do magical things.

For this reason we are back :) Bringing you the best App Powered Gadgets for your Mobile Life.

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