Introducing the Mobiletoyz Momax Luxurious Selfie Stick Pro Carbon GOLD

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The Mobiletoyz Selfie Pro is a luxury selfie stick made from magnificent metal and Leather-felt material and has a simple yet elegant design. Let’s selfie in any memorable occasions!

You can hold it at a distance of 10 meters to execute shooting and music control.

Bluetooth shutter

Zoom In

(Increase volume)


Zoom Out 

Switch Video / Photo

Switch Front /Rear camera 

Take Photos

Hold for 1 second to switch it to music player control.

The soft leather-felt material with delicate handcrafted stitch brings perfect sensation and aesthetics. The leather-felt hand strap and high-quality bag, together with the Bluetooth shutter and its clip, the accessories bring more extravagance and flexibility.


Available in Gold and Black


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