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MobileToyz iPower Protector Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


iPhone 6 4.7 inch


L 140mm, W69.3mm, H11.2mm



iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inch


L 164.8mm, W85mm, H17mm




Battery Type: Lithium Battery

Input Port: Lightning Interface

Output Port: Lightning Interface

Input / Output Voltage DC 5V

Input / Output Current 1000mAh


The MobileToyz iPower case doubles up as a protective case. Clip the case onto the phone. Remove the connector from the right side of the case and connect it to the bottom of the case which will activate the phone to charge up.


Battery Level is indicated by the number of green flashes on the back of the case.

  • Flash 1 time: 25% Power Left
  • Flash 2 times: 50% Power Left
  • Flash 3 times: 75% Power Left
  • Flash 4 times: 100% Power


When the phone battery is full the iPower case will automatically switch off.


Charging iPower Case


To charge the iPower case connect your normal iPhone Lightning cable to you’re the iPower case. The order of charging is your iphone first and once full the iPower case will start charging.


When charging the LED at the back of the case will flash to indicate level of charging for the case:


  • Flash 1 time: 1/3 power left
  • Flash 2 times: 2/3 Power Left
  • Flash 3 times: nearly fully charged

When fully charged it will be solid Green

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