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Recently, cases of RSI have been on the rise with tablet users as the devices become increasingly part of everyday life.

 Users who sit the tablet on their laps often find they get iPad Shoulder, a pain in the back of the neck caused by hunching over.

 Meanwhile, iPad Hand is the term used for the strain on wrist and hand tendons caused by holding the pad for long periods of time.

 Dr John Pappas, medical director of the Beaumont Centre for Pain Medicine in Michigan, US, said: "Prolonged use of tablet computers can cause different forms of repetitive strain injuries to the fingers and hands. 

 "If you are using your iPad or other tablet like a little computer, you can avoid problems by following the same protocols suggested for a laptop computer - buy the right accessories to set the screen at a comfortable working height.”

 The iCushion intends to be a classy solution to these problems, combining comfort with quality, and retails at £24.95.

 Made of velvet and silk and coming in a variety of colours, the square cushion grips the pad and supports it at the optimum viewing angle, allowing the user to operate the screen in a relaxed way at the table, on the sofa or in bed.

 The product, which can be bought at, has been developed by MangoTree Ventures, MangoTree specialise in products which bring life and technology closer together. The iCushion is available in may colours direct from the inventors for £24.95 by purchasing from



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