Press release for CushPad


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13th July 2016




London, England


The name says it all – the new Mobiletoyz product CUSHPAD is the iPad pillow that will revolutionize the way you use your Apple device!


For a few years now, Mobiletoyz inventors of the iCushion have aimed to bring quality products to their customers and make the use of their devices more comfortable and secure. Recently, the team made improvements to suit their customers’ needs by launching the CushPad.


The CushPad has been designed especially for the iPad to create a firm hold and is compatible with iPad 2, 3 and 4. Other design features have been incorporated from customer feedback of the iCushion. A new feature of the CushPad is the zip which allows users to position the iPad on the pillow, thus eliminating the risk of the device sliding off the cushion. Other new features include a handle which makes it easy to carry the product around, as well as a hidden pocket for storing things.


iPad use has rocketed in the past few years, but previous research has found that prolonged use of such devices puts a lot of strain on the wrist, spine and neck.


Sammy Margo, spokeswoman for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, is warning that 'using a tablet for prolonged periods of time is not ideal especially if placed flat on your lap, because this means your neck muscles are stretched if your head is heading towards your chest position.’


For this reason, the Mobiletoyz CushPad aims to eliminate pain caused by improper positioning of the iPad.


The product, which can be bought at, has been developed by MangoTree Ventures Ltd. MangoTree specialise in products which bring life and technology closer together. The product comes in a variety of colours and is an ideal gift idea for every iPad user.


Readers can now receive a 10% discount on the Blue CushPad with the code CUSHPADLOVE. For more information, see, or





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