iCushion iPad Cushion Stand /Holder Velvet Yellow
iCushion iPad Cushion Stand /Holder Velvet Yellow
ipad pillow yellow
iCushion iPad Cushion Stand /Holder Velvet Yellow
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iCushion iPad Cushion Stand /Holder Velvet Yellow

While iPads are real fun to play with and offer us effective solutions at work, they can become a bit heavy on the wrists and arms after a while.  Using your iPad as an e-reader is more like using it for arm curls and it can be a pain in the neck to be hunched over it for extended periods of time.

If you’re arms are already bigger than Schalk’s from all your iPad use, then maybe it’s time to try out the iCushion for iPad. It’s a cushion for your iPad, allowing you to operate it in a comfortable position. Simply place your iPad into the middle of the icushion and place on your lap or desk for a better operating position.  It’s ideal for lazy reading/browsing on a Sunday, or for watching movies in bed. Make working on your iPad at the office easier with an improved viewing angle and easier accessibility.  Plus: it looks cool having a cushion on your desk! Who doesn’t love office toys and gadgets? 

Take your relationship with your iPad to the next level and get comfy with the iCushion for iPad 

What customers are saying

"Honestly i think the product is brilliant
I love it i always watch tv on my i pad in bed and this does the job just perfect.
I think the product is very well made and the material is very good quality.
this is a GREAT product !!!"
Make yourself and your iPad comfortable with the cushion for your ipad
The iCushion an innovative iPad cushion stand designed to hold your iPad or tablet securely at a natural reading angle no matter where you are. Use the iPad cushion stand when you’re sitting on the sofa, relaxing in bed, at your desk…
It’s unique patent pending design provides comfortable support while reading, watching movies, browsing the web, and using the keyboard.
 Colour Material Length Height Width
Yellow Velvet 35 cm 18 cm 38 cm