Parent Proof the iPad

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We recently read this fantastic article on about parents using iPads. More and more, recently, the older generation are turning to these intuitive, touch screen products. Even for technophobes, the simple controls of these devices has a real appeal, and the simple apps mean they can check the weather and Facetime their relatives confidently and independently.

The trouble is that they can still be a pain to hold. Use one hand and it puts a lot of strain on the joints (something known as “iPad Hand”), but put it on your lap and you find your self hunching over (which can lead to “iPad Shoulder”). 

The iCushion can have great health benefits for the more senior user, it's optimised viewing angle reduces strain on the neck and hands. The bean-filled interior moulds to whatever surface it's put on, whether that's your lap, your armchair, your table or your bed. The iCushion remains secure and stable wherever you want it, which is great for those who are less mobile, and the soft fabrics mean that this is one iPad stand that won't damage your surfaces.

For these reasons we think the iCushion could be the perfect iPad accessory for your parents this Christmas.

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