Why should you gift your grandparents an iCushion?

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We’ve all been there – scratching our head, not knowing what kind of gift someone in our family would be excited about, when an important event is just around the corner, such as a birthday or a celebration of an achievement. But when it comes to grandparents or other old relatives, things shouldn’t be any more difficult. After all, even the older generation is still going absolutely crazy over new gadgets and tools for your devices.


Still struggling to find the perfect gift for your techie grandparent? Have no worries about it! We at Mobiletoyz have the perfect idea that your grandparent will forever be thankful for. The iCushion is an extremely comfy and luxurious iPad holder that helps your device sit at the best reading or viewing angle, making it perfect for e-books, watching movies or just browsing the internet. Why hold your iPad with your hands and have wrist pain after extended use, when you might as well avoid the struggle by ordering your brand new iCushion?


Apart from helping with wrist pain, another advantage of the pillow is that it is made of lightweight but durable and safe materials, so that it doesn’t place a lot of weight on your lap – your techie grandparent could also let the iCushion sit comfortably on the bed or table while skyping with family members or watching their favourite TV series! All in all, the iCushion will completely save your grandparent’s wrists from aching and neck from cricking, while allowing them to stay in touch with people close to them or surf the web, so that they can have an extremely enjoyable experience while using their tablet.


What are the customers saying about our product? "I developed a pain on the back of my left hand - it felt muscular and became quite intense - arthritis I wondered? After a few days I became aware that the pain intensified when I held my iPad up for long periods, which I tended to do when reading articles/newspapers etc. I saw the iCushion and thought it was worth a try. It absolutely works! It is literally a soft, comfortable and portable base with holder space for the iPad and it is enabling me to read at the proper height when sitting in an armchair etc. The pain in my hand has disappeared completely. I'm very pleased with this simple but effective product. " If this isn’t the ideal gift for a grandparent that loves using their iPad, we don’t know what is!

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