Ever thought of having your very own personal health butler?

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We all know that person that is obsessed with being healthy, whether it would be going to the gym every day, avoiding sugar at all costs or eating salad for the rest of their lives. Well here at Mobiletoyz we have thought of the best gift to give to your friends and family. We have created your very own personal butler to make some of your life’s problems disappear.

Summer is fast approaching and we are all working hard to get that “summer body”. Summer is the time of the year where we do our best to look and feel good. During this time you try to regain your positivity whenever you think of holidays. It’s very rare to see people depressed when the Sun’s out, there’s just happiness and joy all around. “If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm” (Frank Lane) is the stage we are in now. This storm represents the sweat and tears we go through trying to achieve that perfect summer body. When summer arrives we must take care of our health especially the amount of water we consume.  Drinking enough water every day is very important to maintain your health levels. Not only are that but there lots of health benefits from consuming water that can help you enjoy the weather even more.  

There are hundreds and hundreds of benefits from drinking water that the CloudCup wants you to take advantage of.  Everyone knows how important it is to drink water but most people are not aware that they need to be drinking at least 8 cups of water every day. Water gives you a huge boost of energy and helps you lose weight when exercising. When you’re exercising there are risks of suffering joint pains of arthritis, but when you drink water all of these problems disappear.  Water is a great source of power to fight against infections as well as fighting against the Sun. It is clinically proven that water improves your skins condition so that it is more protected against the Sun. Water is an amazing thing and there are still a lot of things that I have missed because the number of benefits you can receive are too much for to blog about.

An ordinary plastic cup is boring compared to the CloudCup. We have enhanced this basic invention with technology to create a masterpiece. The CloudCup enables you to monitor how much you drink something that is far too complicated for a plastic cup. This smart cup has been installed with an insulation vacuum to control the temperature of your drink.  With the CloudCup app you can create customised personal water plans. I don’t think other cups can do that, Can they? We have combined technology and health to produce the CloudCup.  

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