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You are about to travel to your favourite holiday destination. You cannot wait to just sit back and relax as you admire the beauty of nature. But before all that you need to take need to pack clothes, toothbrushes, towels, socks and much more. Now it’s time to find the huge collection of locks that are stored away.  The struggle of memorising the different lock combinations or keeping hold of little tiny keys is unbearable. By the time you reach your destination all of the bad vibes from before overshadow what should have been the best holiday experience. All this pain and upset caused by a small piece of metal. We at MobileToyz have created 3 outstanding locks that will help you regain those positive vibes, to get you in that holiday mood.

We have enhanced the classical locking mechanism of the pad lock and have upgraded it with the power of Bluetooth.  We also thought that the traditional pad lock needed to look modernised. The MobileToyz Pad Lock is the simple way of protecting your most beloved possessions. The power within these locks can be controlled using a smartphone. The Pad Lock can also be controlled with just a few clicks on the lock itself. This amazing product will make you love securing your property.

For those bigger things in life you’re going to need even more power and even more strength. The MobileToyz Bike Lock has been designed to do just that. 6 mm of steel covered with nylon is going to be very hard to break through.  For even more security we have added a huge 110db alarm. We at MobileToyz love the power of Bluetooth so we just had to add that in. With this addition you can use your smartphone to control this new level of security.

“Good things come in small packages” is the best way to describe the Lock Squared. This ultra-light lock is the one of best tiny gadgets on the market. The technology we have used to power this small gadget is you’ve guessed it, Bluetooth technology. We have created the best travel accessory to help you keep your belongings safe and sound. The Lock Squared is charged using the USB port, so there are no batteries to slow you down.

These awesome locks have been created to make your life that little bit easier. Have a great summer!

Written by Mohammed Jama — May 25, 2016

Established in May 2000 MobileToyz started life selling Nokia data cables which started the worldwide craze of high pitched ringtones.

Back to the present; Smart Phones and Tablets have taken over the world and we at MobileToyz are super excited by all the new toys and gadgets you can use to allow you to do magical things.

For this reason we are back :) Bringing you the best App Powered Gadgets for your Mobile Life.

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