Cool apple watch accessories to look out for

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Wearable technology is rapidly on the rise especially smart watches. There have been a number of different smart watches that have released. Apple had to get involved in the action and created a smart watch of their own the Apple Watch. Apple at the moment is on top when it comes to smart watches. They have once again created a very simple but powerful device that corresponds with Apple as a brand.With all great devices you are going to need amazing accessories. Mobiletoyz have spent a lot of time and effort in bringing you and I cool apple watch accessories.  All of these awesome accessories help you carry more power with you wherever you are. These accessories are great to have and are great to give to others.

The Apple watch charger stand is the amazing accessory to go with your Apple watch. This charger stand has a USB port that allows you to charge your other devices. Loads of people have this on their desks at work or near their bed. This lightweight charger stand is ideal for you to just place anywhere with your apple watch and just sit back as your apple watch regains its power.

A key chain that chargers your apple watch is a travelers dream. The ideal travel accessory is here to help you style your bag. Legend Stan Lee has said that “With great power comes great responsibility” with the amount of power this key chain contains the greater the responsibility. However, all the big responsibilities have been taken care off so you don’t need to worry.

The most stylish accessory has got to be the Power box. The Power box is a very sleek looking box that doesn’t just charge your watch but makes it look good while it charges. It also keeps your apple watch protected. The different variety of boxes helps you to decide which looks better in your room.

We have 3 amazing products that can only enhance your Apple watch experience by showing some love to your gadgets.

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